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Ruys Vloeren

As the market leader in the food industry, Ruys Vloeren is the specialist in industrial floors in this sector. As a family business, founded in 1974, Ruys Vloeren serves a wide range of organizations. We service our clients not only on a national level, but also on an international level. We have already laid millions of square meters of floors in more than 20 countries. There are more meters behind us than in front of us!

Experience, craftsmanship and proven quality

Total customized solution
Ruys Vloeren offers high-quality screed floors and related products that are well suited for especially the food, heavy and logistics industries. We offer different flooring systems, each with specific features or characteristics, so that the right floor is laid in the right place!
Advisory role
By thinking along from the start and offering practical solutions, we ensure that our clients will not be faced with any surprises. In order to provide complete and tailor-made advice, the Ruys Vloeren specialists immerse themselves in the client's production process.
Ruys Vloeren delivers a floor that companies do not have to worry about for the first few decades. We produce industrial floors that are only a few mm thick or floors that can be used within 24 hours. Quality is guaranteed because we carry out the work ourselves.
International activities
Ruys Vloeren has been active internationally for more than 40 years. Our industrial floors are installed at clients in America, Canada, Saudi Arabia and Africa. Each country has its own building principles or standards and, due to our experience, we are familiar with various building styles and know how to realize the appropriate floor construction.

The working method of Ruys Vloeren

We like to engage with our clients and greatly appreciate that 'time is money'. That is why we have refined our working methods to ensure that as little valuable time as possible is lost. We consciously target sectors with high demands. The more demands placed on a company’s floors, the more our floors come into their own. We provide full service expertise from design to realization to maintenance of industrial floors, stainless steel wall protection and drainage systems.

I have experienced Ruys Vloeren as a sincere company, where you can get clear and honest advice about different floors for different spaces/rooms. Ruys Vloeren clearly does not want to provide the most expensive floor, but the best and most suitable floor, and I really liked that.
Anton Looman, Looman Salades uit Oss
We already have many meters of floors from Ruys. The fact that Ruys can carry out the entire project including the sloping, the different top layers together with the bump curbs, gives us advantages in coordination and planning.
Frank Hagmolen, HTD Huuskes uit Enschede

Ruys Vloeren offers a total package 

Ruys Vloeren advises on and realizes the best industrial floors at a sustainable level. From the outset, we think in terms of the end-user’s interests to achieve the optimal total solution for floor finishes. Thanks to years of experience, we know exactly which industrial floors are the most suitable for your business premises. Besides industrial floors, Ruys Vloeren can also provide strong stainless steel wall protection systems. which can protect your walls from internal means of transport. We also provide stainless steel drains and gutters and the correct sloping of the floors to make your industrial floor puddle-free, food-safe and complete.

RVS stootband in de voedselindustrie
Reinigen van de vloer

Curious how Ruys Vloeren makes their floors?

Watch our RTL How it's Done show depicting our floors being laid at one of the largest slaughterhouses in the Netherlands.
Ruys Groep

Specialization of Ruys Vloeren

Using our expertise and experience in an advisory role to our clients, Ruys Vloeren ensures that the right floor is laid in the right place. We think along with you to provide the appropriate advice and realize the entire floor process as from the subfloor to the entire floor finish including drains, gutters and/or wall protection. Part of Ruys Vloeren’s total package is determining an appropriate floor sloping plan. Puddle-free floors play an important role in the hygiene and user-friendliness of the floor. By designing, advising and implementing a floor sloping plan, including drain heights, a puddle-free floor is guaranteed. Because of this unique total offer and more than 40 years of experience, we are a well-known flooring partner in the meat, fruit and vegetable and fish industries.

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Hein Steeman algemeen manager De Bedrijfsvloer

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