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A clean and safe floor is important in every industry. This also applies to the bread and pastry sectors. In both sectors, the floor is cleaned and used intensively making the installation of an appropriate industrial floor extremely important. The Ruys Groep can provide this! We have a great deal of knowledge about the production processes in bakeries and confectioneries. These two subsectors differ in several ways. For example, in the production of bread, the risk of slipping is caused by dry flour residues on the floor, whereas in the pastry sector, the risk of slipping is caused by working with wet products. In both sectors, the Ruys Groep can install the optimal flooring solution with the right properties to guarantee safety and hygiene.

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The challenges for a floor in the bread and pastry industry

In the bread and pastry sectors, the floor has to meet very different requirements and there are various challenges. With more than 40 years of experience in this industry, the Ruys Groep knows what these challenges are, and can advise and install the appropriate floor in your bread or pastry company.

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The danger of slipperiness in the bread and pastry industry

When producing and processing bread, dry flour usually ends up on the floor, forming a layer and causing the floor to become slippery, creating a risk of people falling. In the bread industry, we therefore supply floors with a so-called 'orange peel': a light profiling in the floor which ensures that the floor has a rough structure and reduces the risk of slipping. The reason for applying this ‘orange peel’ is because in the bread industry the floor is normally cleaned dry, making an anti-slip layer less important.

In contrast, the pastry industry is a wet industry. People often work in wet working environments because of the fillings that are added to the pastries, think cream, compote and whipped cream. In addition, the floors here are usually cleaned with water. In pastry shops, therefore, a non-slip coating is applied to the floor, reducing the slipperiness. 

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The large temperature differences in the bread and pastry industry

Large temperature differences are inherent in the production of bread and pastries. Hot bread carts go in and out of the oven, and are then placed in cooling cells. The Ruys Groep can offer industrial floors that can withstand these extreme temperature fluctuations!

Transport movements in the bread and pastry sectors

Products are constantly being expediated in and out in the bread and pastry sectors. The Ruys Groep can deliver floors that are wear-resistant and heavyweight and mechanical resilient. We also offer different types of wall protection, to protect the walls from damage caused by pallets, carts and other means of transport.

A hygienic floor in the bread and pastry sectors

In the bread and pastry sectors, hygiene also plays an important role. The floors in these sectors are usually cleaned daily using various chemicals. For this reason, the floor needs to be easy to clean and resistant to the chemical cleaning agents applied. In the pastry sector, proper drainage is an important element. The Ruys Groep ensures that the floors are seamlessly connected to the drainage system so that no gaps or cracks can form where dirt or bacteria can accumulate. We can install industrial floors that are resistant to chemicals as well as install suitable drainage systems for companies operating in the bread or pastry sector.

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The sectors where our floors are best suited

The bread and pastry industry has been divided into various types of businesses for better evaluation of flooring solutions:

  • Bread
  • Sandwiches
  • Pastries

The most suitable floors in the bread and pasty industry.

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Resin floor

anti-slip, antistatic, resistant to oil & grease, durable, easy to clean, small layer thickness, short curing time, seamless, abrasion resistant, dust free, food safe, liquid proof

The resin floor is available in various options, from epoxy to PU and with the possibility to be esthetically embellished with colored flakes. An ideal synthetic floor for the general work areas of your business premises. New: our armored resin floor!

References in the bread and pasty industry.

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