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Laying floors in the heavy industry is known territory for the Ruys Groep. Over the past 45 years, we have laid many meters of industrial floors in the metal industry, chemical industry and for waste-processing companies. Heavy industry is all about high floor-load capacity due to the heavy machinery sitting or moving across the floor as well as the movement of heavily loaded transport vehicles loading and unloading products on the floor. In addition, the recycling industry often uses corrosive liquids that affect the floor. The industrial floor must therefore be able to withstand these  stresses and influences in order to optimize production processes. The Ruys Group can provide companies operating in the heavy industry with a very strong industrial floor that meets all these requirements. 

The challenges for a floor in heavy industry

A very broad range of processes takes place in the heavy industry, meaning that the industrial floor used in this sector can face a broad range of challenges. At Ruys Groep, we have extensive experience with these challenges, allowing us the ability to recommend suitable industrial flooring solutions to meet these demands.

Industrievloer voor de zware industrie

The rough production processes in heavy industry

In heavy industry, the industrial floor has to bear heavy machinery loads and intense traffic from bulldozers, trucks, shovels and cranes. Heavy objects fall onto the floor or are pushed across the floor by machines, and trucks load and unload their products directly off of and onto the floor. The industrial floor must therefore be extremely durable and capable of withstanding heavy impacts caused by the harsh working environment typical of the heavy industry. The Ruys Groep has the necessary experience with these production processes and has continuously laid strong, quality floors for companies in the heavy industry.

Industrievloer voor de zware industrie

Aggressive fluids

The waste treatment and recycling industry often works with aggressive liquids. These include oily substances, such as cooling liquids, as well as liquids coming from residual and chemical waste, or leaking batteries. Also, there can be metallic debris from grinding down or welding metal parts. These are only several of the examples of extremely aggressive substances which confront an industrial floor in heavy industry. Even under these circumstances, the Ruys Groep can offer a sustainable flooring solution.

A safe working environment equals the right industrial floor 

Working safely is a priority in this industry. Means of transport and people must be able to move safely across the floor. But, liquids, originating from residual liquids common to the waste processing and recycling sector, or cleaning agents, or liquids used in dust elimination (created by internal traffic and dry products) are common to this industry and jeopardize safety. Anti-slip is an important factor when the friction caused by the wheels of the transport equipment on the floor and the loading weight combine with a wet surface. Slipping wheels and a longer braking distance increase the chance of accidents that often have major consequences in this sector. An important requirement that the Ruys Groep is familiar with and for which it can offer a quality industrial floor.

Superfast renovation of your industrial floor  

The continuity of the business process is also important in heavy industry. The Ruys Groep can perform a complete floor renovation in a very short time frame with a quality industrial floor that can withstand the toughest tests in heavy industry. Our floor solution limits downtime and offers a sustainable investment that can be worked on for years to come.

Industrievloer voor de zware industrie
Industrievloer voor de zware industrie

Our floors are suitable for the production of: 

Industrial floors in heavy industry are installed in various types of companies:

  • Metal industry;
  • Waste processing;
  • Recycling;
  • Chemistry


The most installed floors in heavy industry

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