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Utility is a collective term for various types of ‘other businesses’. In many cases, therefore, tailor-made advice is needed to determine the right floor for your business. For example, the pharmaceutical industry has very different flooring requirements than do bicycle or car parking facilities. The Ruys Groep provides tailor-made advice based on the operational area and functionality of the floor to be installed. 


The challenges faced by a floor in the utility sector

The challenges for a floor in the utility sector widely vary. These need to be determined for each type of business and production processes. Nevertheless, there are a number of flooring requirements in almost every type of utility company.

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A hygienic floor

A large proportion of companies falling under the utility sector comprise hospitals, laboratories and pharmaceuticals. In these types of companies, it is crucial to avoid the accumulation of bacteria, thus preventing harm to either people or the production processes. The Ruys Groep offers not only floors that are easy to clean, but also seamless finishing of drainage and wall protection systems to stop dirt from accumulating in hidden holes, cracks or seams. 

Reducing the chance of slipping 

The risk of slipping is relatively high in almost every company in the utility sector. The floor can become slippery because either work is performed in a wet environment or moisture is released during the production process. To avoid this risk, an anti-slip coating on the floor is indispensable in order to reduce the chance of slipping and ensure the safety of employees.

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Wear-resistance of the floor 

In many businesses in the utility sector, such as bicycle and car parking facilities, there is a high risk of floor wear as cars, bicycles and people are constantly moving over or on the floor. That is why a wear-resistant floor is vital and more economical in the long run. With more than 40 years of experience, the Ruys Groep knows which floor is right for which situation! 

Kunststof bedrijfsvloer
Kunststof bedrijfsvloer
Kunststof bedrijfsvloer
Gietvloer bedrijfsvloer AGF Berryworld

The sectors our floors are suitable for

The floors for the utility industry are used in various types of companies: 

  • Hospitals; 
  • Laboratories;
  • Pharmaceutical industry;
  • Stations;
  • Bicycle parking facilities;
  • Data Centers;
  • Retail;
  • Transformer stations;
  • Other.
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