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The automotive industry consists of numerous types of companies such as showrooms, garages, repair shops, (suppliers to) car manufacturers, car washes, truck washes and parking garages. While these companies are in the same line of business, the demands placed on the floor are very different. Thanks to our many years of experience in the automotive industry, the Ruys Groep knows what these challenges are and can advise and install the right industrial floor for your company!

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The challenges for an automotive floor

Depending on the user function of the business space, an industrial floor in the automotive sector incurs many challenges. Whether functional requirements (e.g. anti-slip, wear-resistant or chemical resistance) or whether esthetic requirements (e.g. for a showroom) are important, the Ruys Groep can offer a suitable flooring solution and are happy to provide advice.

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The influence of aggressive liquids

Showrooms in particular have to deal with plasticizers that are created when new tires are left stationary for long periods of time. These plasticizers can soak into the commercial floor and leave imprints. This is naturally an undesirable situation for spaces where esthetics are often very important. Also, oils & greases that are common in the automotive industry can damage the commercial floor. The floor in a parking garage is also burdened by liquids due to weather conditions, such as road salt. In the Ruys Groep’s range of flooring systems are various liquid-tight industrial floors that can also withstand aggressive liquids.

A wear-resistant floor in the automotive industry

In car garages and repair shops, tools and equipment are often used and friction from the vehicles on the floor is high. In car washes, vehicles travel on the same track. In parking garages, entrances and exits, along with curves, place a heavy load on the floor. A constant load in the same place accelerates damage to the floor. Ruys Groep offers various types of flooring systems with a high degree of wear resistance, ensuring that the floor does not wear out quickly and lasts for years.

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The power of an esthetic floor

An esthetic floor in the showroom enhances the general appearance of the company and contributes to the customer’s experience, making an esthetic floor highly desirable. Also, for parking lots and car washes, esthetics can play an important role. The Ruys Groep has this aspect covered, offering floors in different colors and designs! Our clients, among whom include the showrooms of Mercedes, Audi, Porsche and Volvo, are all pleased that their showroom floors meet their particular esthetic requirements and contribute to the overall appearance of the company.

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Floor markings are indispensable

Floor markings are commonly used in parking garages in particular. These include, for example, the lines for and numbering of parking spaces, pedestrian crossings and driving lanes, all of which are marked in different colors for clarification. The Ruys Groep not only can provide the right wear-resistant floor in your parking lot, but can also provide you with the entire package. An entire package would include, for example, the optimal floor, stairs and floor markings to enhance safety and clarity. The Ruys Groep has already successfully and satisfactorily installed many floors for parking facilities, such as those of the Arena in Amsterdam, Krakeling in Almere, Provinciehuis in Zwolle and Het Paard in Utrecht.

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The importance of anti-slip

In car washes, water and chemical cleaning agents are used constantly, triggering a risk of accidents due to slippery conditions. For the wet areas in car washes, Ruys Groep can offer an industrial floor with anti-slip properties according to your wishes, so that everyone can move about safely on the floor. Also, anti-slip conditions are crucial at the entrance and exit of a parking garage to ensure that vehicles can safely enter and exit the parking garage when there is a layer of snow, ice or water. The Ruys Groep can also offer the appropriate sloping of the floor so that puddles from rain are prevented. A puddle-free floor counteracts leakage from the parking deck, and visitors can enter and exit their vehicles carefree without standing in a puddle.  

Special requirements for car washes 

In a car wash, chemicals are not only used to clean the vehicle but also the floor. Especially in truck washes used to clean trucks used in the transportation of foodstuffs, there are strict requirements for food safety. These trucks are cleaned at extreme temperatures and with steam in order to prevent bacterial growth, among other things. Therefore, in order for the industrial floor installed to be a durable solution, it must be able to withstand extreme heat and aggressive chemicals. Therefore, the Ruys Groep often recommends the application of a Ucrete floor in car washes. The Ucrete floor can withstand extreme thermal loads and chemical influences, and has anti-slip and abrasion-resistant properties. This flooring solution allows you to comply with the laws and regulations concerning chemicals in the automotive industry. Companies in this sector also consider installing a synthetic floor, such as an epoxy trowel floor or cast resin floor, but these types of floors are more likely to become damaged or show wear rather quickly and therefore are not a suitable flooring solution for the long term.

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The sectors our floors are suitable for 

Automotive industry floors are installed in various types of businesses: 

  • Showrooms
  • Garages
  • Repair shops
  • (Suppliers of) Car Manufacturers
  • Car washes
  • Truck car washes
  • Parking garages

The most installed floors in the automotive industry

References in the automotive industry

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