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AS Vloerwerken

AS Vloerwerken is the reliable flooring specialist in the field of platforms, station buildings and bicycle depots and is the proud supplier to NS and ProRail. From our office in Veenendaal, AS Vloerwerken, as partner of the Ruys Group, provides special, and often logistically complex, projects with the ideal hard floor. Our professionals are masters at this!

The flooring specialist for complex projects

Complete advice
When it comes to renovations, we can advise on a suitable flooring solution, so that the entire project is well coordinated from the preparation through to the implementation phases. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are able to steer complex projects keeping them on track during the entire process.
Esthetic quality
Unique to our platforms and station building projects are our high-quality floors with a very fast curing time. This minimizes the downtime and disruption to passenger flows. Our floors can also be given a UV-stable top coat so that the floors do not discolor under UV light.
We help you ensure that the large number of passengers traveling over our floors can do so safely, placing safety at 1, 2 and 3! Our floors are anti-slip, liquid-tight and can withstand most weather conditions. If desired, we can also provide markings and lines, enhancing safety measures even further.
Innovative working method
The wonderful thing about our products is that they keep getting better! We select high-quality products, work with the smartest tools and employ the best people, who strive for top results day in and day out. We have so many in-house specialists that we guarantee a smart, efficient solution.
Station Utrecht Overvecht AS Vloerwerken

AS Vloerwerken’s working method 

Of course the ease of maintenance as well as the wear-resistance and liquid-proof properties of a floor are very important. But what about the appearance of a floor in a public space? The floor has a huge impact on the space, so a clear choice for quiet and subdued, warm, a daring design, or just cool and clean is at least as important. In addition, the floors in public spaces need to meet high quality and durability standards. We know all there is to know about cement-bonded and synthetic resin-bound floors and specialize in cast, gravel, liquid-proof and trowel floors, so that users, visitors and passers-by experience optimal ease and comfort.

"AS Vloerwerken, as a partner of the Ruys Group, is able to combine the strengths of the Ruys team. Customers can count on a wealth of knowledge, expertise and service!"
Arie Selbach, Director of AS Vloerwerken
Stationsvloer Ruys Groep
Stationsvloer Ruys Groep

Station expert needed?

The main requirements for a floor when renovating a station is choosing a hard-wearing and durable floor. Aging stations, platforms, walkways and public areas often suffer detachment, cracking and floor wear. AS Vloerwerken has a complete range of flooring systems that can be installed in a very short period of time. These include a special quick-setting concrete subfloor finished with a Ucrete floor system, a mono-terrazzo floor, aliphatic coating floor or other innovative floor solution.

Stationsvloer Ruys Groep

Synergy in flooring expertise

Our expert flooring installers ensure that the right floor is installed in the right place. Moreover, they do so at a speed and time that causes the least inconvenience to travelers. After all, efficient logistical puzzling is key to providing the end user of the floor with the least amount of disruption during a complex renovation. We think along with you, providing the appropriate advice and executing the entire floor process. Unburdening: that is what we do. We are the specialist par excellence in the renovation of stations, parking decks, depots, footbridges and platforms.

AS Flooring is a proud supplier for

"AS Vloerwerken is the specialist par excellence in, on and around a station for realizing a high-quality, safe and esthetically pleasing floor in a minimum amount of time.”
Hendrik Ruys, Managing Director Ruys Group


A non-binding consultation, a customized offer or more information?

Arie Selbach, Director of AS Vloerwerken